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Rebekah Higgs, Hillside (Guelph) July 25

Rebekah Higgs

You might remember our shining recommendation of this pretty lady back in June after we saw her at NXNE.

The Halifax-bred musician plays within the borders of folk-tinged yet she isn’t afraid to infuse her work with experimentation, incorporating vocal loops and electronic flourishes like her musical inspirations Bjork and Radiohead.

Recorded with Joydrop’s Thomas Rider Payne over an intensely busy three weeks in Toronto, Rebekah Higgs is the tip of the iceberg of what this talented songwriter has in store for a long career ahead. Her material is steeped in melody, showcasing her often witty, perceptive tales, while the layered production provides a complexity that invites listeners to come back again for repeat listens. This is music to knit impossibly long scarves to.

Keep an eye on TransCanada Radio for more upcoming concert dates because this is a musician you have to see!

Upcoming concert dates for Rebekah Higgs

The Very Best of NXNE: The Photos

NXNE Crazy Hockey Dude

As we wrap up our NXNE coverage, we wanted to give you one last chance to grasp a taste of what it was like to be in Toronto for one sweaty week of music. Check out the best images we took of NXNE (ignore the poor composition and low resolution; we’re very DIY).

Click here for the best photos of NXNE

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The Very Best of NXNE: The Artists!

As a wrap up to this NXNE-rich week on TransCanadaRadio, we’ve compiled the very best of the great music we saw and heard over the course of the week.

Here are the top 6 bands that all of us at TCR agree were the very best of the best, in no particular order:

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NXNE: Saturday Night Impressions

NXNE Spiral Beach

It’s late Sunday night, which means I’ve just started to recover from Saturday night at NXNE. Here’s what went down:

**Bring more than one pair of shoes to NXNE** Two straight days of pounding the pavement to check out bands and then grooving to their tunes will do serious damage to even the sturdiest of footwear. The final blow was the Spiral Beach show at the Horseshoe; I should have taken their advice to remove my shoes and dance in my ‘tomatoes’.

**Toronto bands know how to represent** Seriously, the Hoa Hoa’s Friday night and then Spiral Beach last night? Pretty much from the moment they took the stage, they had a packed and sweaty crowd screaming and jumping until they could nary jump and scream any more. I particularly enjoyed the pylons, the speech bubble, and the ET finger-touching moment with the crowd. Check these guys out before they become so big you can’t get as close to the stage as we were last night (check the Flickr feed for evidence).

**Front stage is not for the meek** That reminds me, why do fans of bands get in line early, rush to the front of the stage, then spend the rest of the evening hating being there? This one goes out to the poor girl at the Horseshoe that spent her evening covering her ears and trying to avoid stray limbs hitting her. Other people who should not be front stage: NXNE photographers who take up too much room, stay too long, and refuse to dance; overtly drunken ‘friends of the band’ and their girlfriends.

**Listen to Rebekah Higgs** She has a wonderful voice and a big guitar. You are doing yourself a disservice by not checking out her cd.

**My ears are still ringing** Rock ‘n’ roll.