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Nitin in profile: Guaranteed to move the floor

Throughout his ten years of experience behind the decks, Nitin has established himself as a sonic force in the electronic music scene, rocking dancefloors from coast to coast and throughout the mid-western United States. A connoisseur of all things house and techno Nitin always has his ear to the ground and has crafted a fresh, intelligent and dirty dancefloor sound. As evidenced by his varied sets, Nitin draws on range of influences that date back to early electro and hip hop and adeptly blends them with the sounds of today by incorporating upfront promotional material from the hottest producers in the industry. While his programming, experience and technical prowess behind the turntables elicits respect from those in the trade it is his ability to work any floor into a frenzy that sets him apart from the competition. Hailing from London, Ontario, Nitin was a pioneering member of the city’s dance music community, assuming the role of DJ, promoter and proprietor of the now defunct Saxaphone Records. Continue reading ‘Nitin in profile: Guaranteed to move the floor’