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Moonstarr: One Busy Cat

Moonstarr is indeed one busy cat. If he’s not busy on the phone holding things down on the biz side for his label Public Transit Recordings, the man’s hunkered down behind closed doors over his synths, drum machines, and samplers to bang out some killer beats. Moonstarr cites such diverse influences as 4 Hero, DJ Premier, and Underground Resistance. Everything he touches carries imprints of deep techno, jazz, hip hop, bossa, and broken beat, resulting in tracks that step far into the future. And it’s not like people haven’t noticed. Ever since Moon’s dropped the now-classic Dupont EP, he’s received love for his work the world over.

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DJ Pump: Best Kept Secret from Calgary

DJ Pump is one of Canada’s best kept secrets. Also, coincidentally, one of Canada’s Best Kept Secret’s. He really redefines Turntablism and what it means to be a party DJ by focusing heavily on the overall musical composition when he’s mixing, scratching, and creating beat juggles or blending beats. His worldwide performances have earned him tonnes of respect amongst his peers as one of the most funkiest and versatile DJs around.

Check out DJ Pump’s upcoming concert dates!

Trevor Walker featured on the cover of Ottawa XPress

trevor walker

One of Ottawa’s longest running DJs, Trevor Walker, made the front page of the Ottawa XPress today and boy, does he deserve it!

He’s been blending beats in Ottawa’s top nightspots since the late ’80s, witnessing the birth of new wave, acid jazz, Hip-Hop, House and Techno from the disc jockey’s pulpit.

Read the article on Trevor Walker entitled <i>Dancing to a different drummer: Ottawa’s beat shepherd steps into Timekode</i> as featured by Ottawa XPress, July 17th, 2008

Avant Chord in profile: Deeply layered and diversified

Click here to listen to Avant Chord’s “Watermelon N Pork” avant-chord-watermelon-n-pork

Avant Chord (aka dj Cheeba due to his free-spirited and relaxed attitude towards life) hails from Canada and resides in Toronto. He has been a very active individual in the Toronto hip-hop community since 1996, which stems from his tremendous passion for the culture as a whole (graffiti, breakdancing, emceeing and dj-ing and now producing) and every genre that has inspired the music from funk, soul to samba. His ear for rare, soulful music originated from break dancing to the music of legendary funk artists such as James Brown, Booker T and the MG’s, Bob James and The Blackbyrds back in his high school era. During this time, he was introduced by a friend to some musical instruments that would seal the deal for his love for manipulation of music, a pair of Tech 12’s and a Gemini mixer. Continue reading ‘Avant Chord in profile: Deeply layered and diversified’

Methodology in profile: Bringing the funk back to live stage

With the release of their first album What We Have in January of 2006, METHODOLOGY joined the revolution to bring true Soul, R&B, and Funk back to the live stage. With approximately 50 independently produced shows across Canada in 2006, METHODOLOGY has grown into one of the foremost underground Live Soul acts in the country. In 2006 they were nominated for ‘Best Live Performance” and “Best R&B Group” at the Toronto Independent Music Awards, and were honoured to be nominated for “Group of the Year” at the Soultracks Awards in the USA (running against the likes of The Brand New Heavies, Amel Larrieux, Omar, and many other signed acts). Continue reading ‘Methodology in profile: Bringing the funk back to live stage’

Abdominal in profile: a lesson in vocal diversity

Alright friends, let’s be honest with each other here. Just in case it somehow wasn’t painfully obvious, here’s a big secret from me to you: my knowledge of hip-hop? Sorely, sorely lacking. That being said, today’s profile is of my newest favourite hip hop artist: Abdominal and he’s… awesome! A text from TCR editor to myself stating “Abdominal. Good artist. Canadian?” was enough to get me very curious about this guy. Abdominal? I thought. Yep – Abdominal. When I spoke to the man himself, he had this to say:

‘Abdominal’ came about ‘cuz years ago I was doing 1 of my 1st shows & I lifted my shirt up to wipe the sweat from my face…a random girl in the crowd yelled out, “nice abs!”, & my friends started jokingly calling me Abs afterwards. Kinda just stuck from there.

Abdominal (Andy Bernstein) grew up in Toronto, Ontario where he formed his first rap crew with DJ Serious and Scott C. called Rushholme and right away they started recording tracks. Continue reading ‘Abdominal in profile: a lesson in vocal diversity’

Layah Jane in profile: A resonance all her own

Singer-songwriter Layah Jane is a hearty young musician with a mission. With soulful vocals and a poetic, articulate tongue, Layah’s sound recalls Joni Mitchell, Rickie Lee Jones and Ani Difranco, with a resonance all her own.
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Taylor McFerrin in profile: Keeping the buzz on high

Taylor McFerrin is redefining the one-man show. Combining his skills as a producer and performer, Taylor is making music heads around the world take notice as he seamlessly builds songs from scratch with his ambitious solo project. Fender Rhodes, synthesizers, samples, vocals and beatboxing are meshed together in his Brooklyn bedroom studio as Taylor builds from his roots in ‘60s soul to his vision of future hip-hop.

Thriving on a solid fan base through MySpace and the online hip-hop community, Taylor has gained considerable popularity and captivated audiences at some of the Continue reading ‘Taylor McFerrin in profile: Keeping the buzz on high’

Nitin in profile: Guaranteed to move the floor

Throughout his ten years of experience behind the decks, Nitin has established himself as a sonic force in the electronic music scene, rocking dancefloors from coast to coast and throughout the mid-western United States. A connoisseur of all things house and techno Nitin always has his ear to the ground and has crafted a fresh, intelligent and dirty dancefloor sound. As evidenced by his varied sets, Nitin draws on range of influences that date back to early electro and hip hop and adeptly blends them with the sounds of today by incorporating upfront promotional material from the hottest producers in the industry. While his programming, experience and technical prowess behind the turntables elicits respect from those in the trade it is his ability to work any floor into a frenzy that sets him apart from the competition. Hailing from London, Ontario, Nitin was a pioneering member of the city’s dance music community, assuming the role of DJ, promoter and proprietor of the now defunct Saxaphone Records. Continue reading ‘Nitin in profile: Guaranteed to move the floor’

The Reds: Enemy At The Gates

The Reds Lyrical masters,The Reds, were conceived and founded in early 2006 by Teddy KGB and Boris the Bad Citizen. I got the opportunity to witness these local boys headline at a live show on March 2nd at The Mercury Lounge in Ottawa, and they were truly awesome. The venue’s split floors were completely packed with Reds’ fans and beat enthusiasts. On stage at The Mercury Lounge were both founders as well as Brother Russia (AKA Ikor Vein), KomRadikL the Czar, Red China, Nick Tesla (AKA Nick Delicious), The Black Russian, and DJ Scratch Marx but The Reds are always looking for others to ‘join the party’ — new members, artists, and any support for their cause.

The RedsAs we wait for The Reds to drop their highly anticipated Odd Angle Music debut, Enemy At The Gates, it seems like these harbingers of Ottawa’s hip hop revolution have decided to give some of their loyal fans a little something to whet their appetites. Now, normally I would say that a mixtape’s rarity alone is worth the price of admission, but this one’s really packed with dynamite. Join The Party drops some straight heat over some sweet semi-stripped down ill beats, skilled blending, and some dark samples. A few shout-outs remind the audience that while this isn’t a real album, if we like what we’re hearing, we’ve got lots to look forward to from these crowd captivators.

Enemy At The Gates – the debut release from Teddy KGB’s own Odd Angle Music label, will be released on March 27th at Babylon Nightclub. It’s sure to be a party, so if you plan on being in the area, be sure to check them out!

27 Mar 2008 10:00pm Babylon Nightclub Ottawa, Ontario

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