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Gypsophilia @ The Mercury Lounge (Ottawa), Aug 24

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Taking inspiration from the music of the legendary French jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, Halifax’s Gypsophilia combines hot jazz and European gypsy music, adding their own modern edge and fusing elements of tango, klezmer, funk, and classical in their original music. Admired by listening and dancing audiences young and old, the group’s passionate, exciting and sophisticated sound has quickly catapulted them to unprecedented jazz popularity in Nova Scotia. Not simply a Gypsy-jazz cover band, Gypsophilia’s unique voice comes from the fusion of the members’ diverse musical and artistic backgrounds, as well as from their innovative and eclectic original repertoire. Initially formed for an appearance at the 2004 TD Canada Trust Atlantic Jazz Festival, the band was impressed with the immediate and passionate audience response.

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Glory Glory Man United @ Baba’s (Charlottetown) Aug. 15

“Space Monkey” By Glory Glory Man United

“Soaring melodies, intricate riffs, skull-crushing drums.” “An assault of oddly precise, off-kilter grooves bathed in swirling, psychedelic guitars, undeniable hooks and delivered with intensity and conviction.” This is how Glory Glory Man United describe themselves.

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Mardeen @ the Capital (Fredericton), Aug. 1

Mardeen brings together the very best of the genre with distinctive pop hooks all their own. Think of the bright shimmering guitar of Built To Spill and Teenage Fanclub accented with the swirling distortion of My Bloody Valentine. Imagine the anthemic vocal delivery of Bob Pollard (Guided By Voices) or early Michael Stipe (REM) mixed with the sweet high harmonies of Rivers Cuomo (Weezer).

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Brent Randall & His Pinecones @ The Marquee (Halifax), July 18

brent randall

Arriving fully formed, Brent Randall & His Pinecones released the expertly crafted debut EP, Quite Precisely, in late 2004 (Charting 34 on Earshot). The seven songs on the album showed a style of song and depth in writing rarely seen since Brill Building era pop. Randall quickly became a enigmatic yet renowned character throughout the East Coast. Along with His Pinecones, made up of Laura Peek, David Ewenson, Joel Goguen, Brian O’Reilly and Jess Lewis, he played several legendary shows in the years that followed, previewing new songs from an ever forthcoming LP that never seemed to materialize.

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Snailhouse – Dawson City Music Festival (Dawson), July 19th

Snailhouse – Birds and BeesSnailhouse – Dollar Signs

Snailhouse is an ongoing collection of songs by Mike Feuerstack. Obscuring the distinction between a singer-songwriter and a rock band, snailhouse is always a labour of love. Over the course of three albums, an EP and a host of 7″s and compilations, Snailhouse has garnered a very loyal following in the underground music world.

Snailhouse has attracted collaborators as diverse and renowned as Julie Doiron, Dave Draves, Aaron Booth, members of Arcade Fire, Bell Orchestre, Maritime and most recently, The Acorn. Feuerstack is also a founding member of the Wooden Stars, who besides offering four of their own acclaimed full length CDs since the mid-nineties, were awarded a Juno for best alternative album for their collaboration with Julie Doiron (curiously titled Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars).

Fans of Snailhouse come to expect many things – unique song-craft, stunning musicianship, and a lyrical prowess that is deceptive in its simplicity. From the bare acoustic recordings of (1994’s) Fine to the grandoise pop experiments of The Opposite is Also True to the subtle, skewed soul of The Silence Show, Snailhouse takes genres both new and old and weaves them into something that can never be listened to the same way twice.

Upcoming shows:
19 Jul 2008 20:00 Dawson City Music Festival Dawson, Yukon
30 Jul 2008 20:00 Shadow Lawn w/ Olympic Symphonium Rothsay, New Brunswick
31 Jul 2008 20:00 Capital w/ Rolf Klausener Fredericton, New Brunswick
3 Aug 2008 20:00 Sappy Records Music Festival Sackville, New Brunswick

Little Foot Long Foot meet The Bible All Stars

Little Foot Long Foot, born out of necessity. This two member Toronto-based band was conceived from a tribute act. Isaac Klein (drums) bought his second tom to bash like Bonham, and Joan Smith (guitar and vocals) did her best to carry off Plant’s feminine machismo without stuffing her pants. After discovering that the smartest business decision for a tribute band is to add as many midgets as possible, Joan accepted her inability to shred wicked solos, strapped on a fat loud guitar and dug out her originals. Isaac put away the second tom so that Joan’s amp would fit in his car, and they journeyed towards a new horizon where White Stripes comparisons were lush and unavoidable.

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Hot Toddy

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Hot Toddy is a hot act from the east coast. Comprised of Thom Swift, acoustic guitar, dobro, vocals; Joel Leblanc, lead guitar, harmonica, vocals and Tom Easley acoustic bass and vocals, this award winning Fredericton based trio is truly one of a kind. Continue reading ‘Hot Toddy’