Sara Ainslie — Founder/Spy

Sara Ainslie

Sara Ainslie has been surrounded by music and theatrics for most of her life! Sara studied various styles of for dance for 13 years until her free spirit discovered… The Party!

Sara is now the General Manager of The Mercury Lounge in Ottawa, Ontario. The Mercury Lounge is known as one of Canada’s legendary Soul Clubs, surviving the entertainment world for over twelve years.

Sara founded TransCanada Radio as a promotional tool for Canadian underground/cultural artists.

Bambi Blue — Editor

Bambi Blue (yes, that’s her real name) has been a musician for most of her life, performing a variety of music — from lounge and jazz to folk and classic rock — in and around Ottawa for the past ten years. Bambi lives and breathes music and is a walking music encyclopedia with a head full of album release dates, band member names and bios, song lyrics, and even key signatures. She can name nearly any song by the first 3 notes and will sing along to everything. Bambi is also the quickest draw in Eastern Ontario.
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Douglas Soltys — Contributing Editor

Douglas ‘tr0n’ Soltys’ (yes, that’s his real name) first album was Michael Jackson’s Bad. With this auspicious beginning, Douglas was destined to dedicate his life to the creation and appreciation of music. When not writing for TCR, Douglas 9 to 5’s as BlackBerry Cool’s Editor-in-Chief, and moonlights as a real musician.
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Mathieu Coates — Contributing Writer

I write about music and visual arts because there is always something new to talk about. I write on TransCanada Radio because, well, the Internet has a monopoly on information sharing and networking. It’s my job to research new sounds and ideas that shape our current cultural scene to present them in blog format, for you to discover. Check out my electronic music project called Boyscout Killers, which is very experimental IDM.

Alex Hughes — Contributing Writer

Writer Alex Hughes

Alex Hughes got thrown into the music journalism racket during her stint at a magazine in Paris. Although her sudden rise to the top might have had something to do with the fact that no one else knew how to speak English, she likes to attribute it to her ebullient personality, and extensive knowledge of music and terrible television. She currently lives in Toronto, and likes to pretend that she knows what she’s talking about.