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Zaphod Beeblebrox holds Christmas with Caridad, Ottawa Dec 19

Title: Christmas With Caridad
Location: Zaphod Beeblebrox, Ottawa
Link out: Click here
Date: 2008-12-19

Zaphod Beeblebrox is holding “Christmas with Caridad,” featuring Cubano Son and starring salsa diva Caridad Cruz. Since immigrating to Canada in 2003 from her native Cuba, where she sang professionally for 10 years, Caridad Cruz has attracted a lot of attention. Her debut Canadian performance with Jane Bunnett’s Spirits of Havana was broadcast nationally on CBC’s ‘Global Village’ and inspired a Globe and Mail reviewer to applaud her “warm ocean of a voice.” Caridad’s performance has also been described as “best heard live,” so it should be a good time at viagra pfizer india Zaphod’s. Also, I know a lot of the strippers from Barefax are into Latino music, so maybe they’ll also stop by.

Here are the event details:
Friday, December 19, 2008
Zaphod Beeblebrox
27 natural viagra pills York Street, Ottawa
Age 19+/ General Admission
ADVANCE TICKETS: $10.00 at TicketWeb.

Click here for the flyer.

elodieO set at the Mercury Lounge, Ottawa (video)

TCR contributor Mike Plante just sent us video of purchase cheapest viagra elodieO’s performace at the Mercury Lounge on November 20th 2008. elodieO is the super cute New York City LES/Nublu electro scene girl who was originally from Paris. Her sound is a mix of 60’s Nico-esque pop and 90’s golden era trip-hop. Thanks for the online pharmacy viagra uk vid Mike!

K-OS brings us back, Calgary Nov 28

Title: K-OS
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Link out: Click here
Date: 2008-11-28

K-OS was raised a Jehovah’s Witness in Toronto. Not that it has anything to do with his music buy viagra pill but maybe it does. Are Jehovah’s Witnesses into rap? Maybe they real viagra without prescription like trance. In any case, K-OS has had a whole bunch of jams and an incredibly long career. His mainstream superstardom has lasted a whopping 6 years. If you’re looking to feel nostalgic about old albums or interested in what he’s doing these days, check him out in Calgary on the 28th of November.

DJ Elorious Cain to play Mercury Lounge, Ottawa Nov 13

The Groove CKCU

Title: Elorious Cain
Location: Mercury Lounge, Ottawa
Link out: Click here
Date: 2008-11-13

Elorious Cain is the DJ responsible for CKCU’s longest running disco program, The Groove. After almost 30 years on the air, Elorious Cain has become an iconic online pharmacy viagra and highly influential DJ that has eagerly dedicated his energies to mentoring successful DJs like Teknobrat and Alison Wonderland, and inspiring a multitude of other Djs including Trevor Walker, Lance Baptiste, Koda, VH3 and John Deacon to name just a few. He’ll be playing at Mercury Lounge on Thursday, November 13th.

elodieO to play Mercury Lounge, Ottawa Nov 20

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Title: elodieO
Location: Mercury Lounge, Ottawa
Link out: Click here
Date: 2008-11-20

elodieO is the super cute New York City LES/Nublu electro scene girl who was originally from Paris. Her sound is a mix of 60’s Nico-esque pop and 90’s golden era trip-hop. Check her out at the Mercury Lounge in Ottawa on November 20th. Also, be sure to check out her album which features guest spots from several internationally know artists, including Aaron and Jesse of the Brazilian Girls.

Corb Lund @ WCMA (Brandon) Dec 4

Hair in My Eyes

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Growing up in Taber, Alberta, Lund’s lineage boasts over a century of cowboys. And thanks to his keen lyrical pen, Lund’s Alberta is ready to take its place in a long line of immortal locales lucky enough to have their own poet laureates who paint vivid pictures, spin mythologies and create memorable characters. Think of any of the following: Bruce Springsteen’s New Jersey; Stan Rogers’ Maritime provinces; John K. Samson’s Winnipeg; Lou Reed’s New York City; Stompin’ Tom Connors’ small town Canada; Lucinda Williams’ Louisiana.

And yet voices like those are increasingly rare. Mainstream pop music of all stripes—rock, country, R&B, even hip-hop now—ignores regional specifics, to the point where even as gifted a storyteller as Corb Lund once questioned his lyrical outlook.

Upcoming concert listings for Corb Lund

Ookpikk's Total Home-Job, Nov 18

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Ookpikk makes synthesizer-driven music that fuses the precision and technicality of self declared “Intelligent Dance Music” or “Electronica” with the direct physicality and sensuality of dance music, framing it with a humour seldom found in either style of music. By combining these aesthetics, Ookpik overcomes the academia of the first, and the mindlessness of the second.

Following the success of the Ookpikk’s Total Home-Job EP on the radio waves, it shall be released into the wild on Socalled Recordings on Nov 18th.

Old Man Luedecke @ St. James Hall (Vancouver) Nov 2

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A banjo songster like Old Man Luedecke is a rare type of musician. A songwriting one of such hopeful goodness, rarer still. In the tradition of solo banjo men and women of days gone by like Dock Boggs, Bascom Lunsford and Roscoe Holcomb, Old Man Luedecke sings his songs accompanied only by his loving five string, foot stomps and the occasional yodel. His songs are melodic gems blending old time sensibilities with an unusual vision and poetic sense. His music belies someone more than slightly ill at ease with modern life. This is a bizarre type of music Dock Boggs might have made if he’d studied poetry.

More on Old Man Luedecke including upcoming concert dates

The Waking Eyes @ LiVE Lounge (Ottawa) Nov 5

The Waking Eyes were among the bands busking for change on October 2 in Toronto. Here they are outside the Horseshoe Tavern performing a cover of The Weakerthans – One Great City. All money raised went to War Child Canada. Other bands included Our Lady Peace, Finger Eleven, and Die Mannequin.

The Waking Eyes are Rusty Matyas, Joey Penner, Matt Peters and Steve Senkiw. The group formed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 2001 as more of a musical collective and recording project than a band proper. From the beginning they have refused to be one-dimensional and predictable, with the only constant in their sound coming from their distinct songwriting style. Their debut album Combing The Clouds is a rich tapestry of neo-psychedelic and orchestral pop recorded in various basements, garages and bedrooms in Manitoba. It was released to critical acclaim on Endearing Records in 2002.

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More on Winnipeg’s The Waking Eyes including upcoming show dates

Eppiphane @ LiVE Lounge (Ottawa) Oct 31

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Eppiphane began as a four piece act that performed periodically around the city of Ottawa. Fusing jazzy progressions with pop-rock hooks, the band’s schedule began to fill up, and their supportive fan base began to grow.

In 2004 the band released You Won’t Be Judged, a four track teaser album which was recorded with Peter Gilroy (Pebble Studios). With more exposure and experience, the band’s reputation grew, and they began touring, as well as participating in many festivals, including Ottawa Bluesfest ‘05.

June 2, 2006, the band played their official album release party to a sold out crowd at the New Capital Music Hall.

By this time, the band had become a five piece ensemble. Their debut album This Plastic World, produced by Jason Fee from Sound of One Hand Studios, caught on quickly, receiving a great amount of air play.

More on Ottawa’s Eppiphane including upcoming show dates