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The Crystal Castles "Vanished" music video controversy (rumor)

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[Update Nov 12: Now the video has been pulled from This is all that is left (above).]

Our good friend Pinky of TV Carnage directed the video for Crystal Castles‘ latest hit Vanished. Well it seems the video for Vanished online prescription viagra is about to vanish along with apparently a ton of other Crystal Castles “official” music videos.

The only word I’ve heard as to why the video is being pulled is that it has something to do with a “long shitty story…all their management [are] suing each other.

As much as I want to name drop here and talk about who said what, it’s a rumor so I’m not about to attach credibility to the post by putting official names. But the point remains that the video for Vanished has been forcibly pulled from TransCanadaRadio, and will soon be pulled from the director’s site Crystal Castles should really let the video continue because Pinky is incredibly talented and with a bigger budget, time and resources, could pull something epic together.

Feel free to comment your support for Pinky’s video and we’ll hopefully send a message to the band and get the video back up. Thanks for the link love Pitchfork!

Vivie-Ann in profile: Former prom queen, present bump in the night

Like any respectable DJ worth their weight in vinyl, Vivie-Ann really knows how to work a room. Along with the taste-making mixes she drops nightly on dance floors across the world, the 23-year-old Montreal DJ carries a reputation for orchestrating a spectacular fusion of mischief, music and mayhem. Glitter pranks, moustache parties and bananas that double as phone devices. Even pepperoni pizzas perfectly matched on turntables. Nothing is sacred – except the music. Although she hides her seriousness about the industry fairly well, the girl gets down behind the booth and more recently in the studio.

More on Vivie-Ann including upcoming concert dates

Jojoflores & HALO Toronto CD Release Party: MIAMI SUNSET SESSIONS

July 12th, 2008 Fame and Therapy launched the Album Release of MIAMI SUNSET SESSIONS featuring Jojoflores from Gotsoul Records & HALO from City Deep Music. Jojoflores is a celebrated Montreal DJ with a signature sound that resonates sweet, soulful melodies and a profound jazzy vibe. He is also highly respected for his rare underground garage house. Jojoflores maintains regular residencies at Cherry (MTL) and Cielo (NYC).

Jojoflores was joined by Toronto DJ, Mat Chrysdale. The CD release took place at Toronto King St. West resto/bar Brassaii.

Purchase MIAMI SUNSET SESSIONS today! Or better yet, hit up the next CD Release party at Tribe Hyper Club (MTL) 10pm Friday July 18th. Jojoflores will be joined by Mike “FU” Fresco.

Amon Tobin’s online store is great!

Amon Tobin is no doubt my favorite producer of all time. From sick futuristic industrial beats to movie sound tracks to video game soundtracks. He’s done it all. I wanted to share with you a little something about Amon’s online store. There’s freebies!!. Full sets pod cast style, all up for grabs!!

Older video entitled Proper Hoodidge from the album Out From Out Where

Over the past decade Amon Tobin has been a lead innovator in his field. He’s a King contributer to the Label “Ninja Tune” and is an ambassador for Montreal music known world wide.

Balkan Beat Box at Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest.

Balkan Beat Box lead members include Tamir Muskat and Ori Kaplan along with a Multiethnic group of musicians Tomer Yosef, Itamar Ziegler, Uri Kinrot (Who I had the fortune to see Jan. 2006 at the Mercury Lounge with an amazing Klezmer band, Boom Pam), Ben Handler, Jeremiah Lockwood, Eyal Talmudi and Peter Hess. Balkan Beat Box also collaborate with a long list of musicians from Bulgaria, Morocco, Spain, Israel, and Palestine. Balkan Beat Box’s diverse membership make for a vast array of classical music styles mixed with dub and electronic . Their high energy, carnival sound played Ottawa Bluesfest Friday July 11th at 7:00 pm on the Bank of America Stage right before heading on their European Tour.

For Bluesfest concert hightlights click here!

The Best of NXNE: Julie Doiron

(Above player features 5 tracks including: “No More”, “Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard” (a Paul Simon cover), “Snow Falls In November”, “Too Much”, and “Dark Horse.” Julie’s albums can be purchased through her website.)

Julie Doiron has been one of my favourite Canadian musicians for at least 15 years now. “The Best Thing For Me” is still on every mp3 playlist I ever create. She’s got a very unique voice and I’m super excited to see her play at NXNE next week! This will be the first time I’ve ever seen her perform live – I’ll be sure to give a full report on my girlish-glee filled experience.

Julie Doiron began her career in music in 1990 at the age of 18 in Moncton, New Brunswick playing bass in Eric’s Trip, (name from a Sonic Youth song title) a folky yet psychedelic band that was to become the undisputed underground darling of Canadian Music. Eric’s trip were the first of many maritime Canadians signed to Sub Pop and found international recognition releasing several albums and touring widely. Following 1996’s Purple Blue, Eric’s Trip announced their break-up.
Continue reading ‘The Best of NXNE: Julie Doiron’

Amy Honey in profile: Honky-tonk heroine

Amy Honey is a Canadian singer/songwriter/rocker/honky-tonk heroine. Born and raised in the wilds of rural Nova Scotia (West Chezzetcook, to be specific), she moved to Vancouver in 1996, and set about turning the town on it’s ear.

In 1998, she joined the ladyrockin’ band, Clover Honey, and together they won CiTR’s 1999 Shindig battle of the bands competition, put out their critically acclaimed Go Horse Go album and Continue reading ‘Amy Honey in profile: Honky-tonk heroine’

David Gogo in profile: Absolutely fantastic

05  Photo by: Steve Rogers

After a highly successful 17 date tour throughout Germany, Denmark, Holland and Switzerland in support of Wishbone Ash in January/February 2008, David has returned to Europe and is currently midway through a string of headline shows that kicked off in March. Not one to rest on his laurels, David has been tearing it up night in and night out, introducing European audiences to his fiery brand of blues/rock that Dutch journalist Barbara van Geffen from Blues Rock Pagina called “absolutely fantastic…one of the best shows we’ve heard this year! Continue reading ‘David Gogo in profile: Absolutely fantastic’

Serena Ryder

Serena Ryder is just 24. But her voice, a deep, bluesy, soulful instrument that has drawn comparisons to Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin, makes her sound much older. She also appears wise beyond her years, blessed with an intelligence and confidence that came across in her songs on Unlikely Emergency, her critically acclaimed independent album. She’s definitely an old soul. Ryder’s extraordinary major-label debut, If Your Memory Serves You Well, involves no time-traveling or reincarnation. But it does feature the native of Millbrook, Ontario covering vintage Canadian songs-some of them written more than 70 years before she was born-with remarkable authority. From Shelton Brooks’ “Some of These Days,” recorded by the likes of Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday,” to Percy Faiths’ “My Heart Cries for You,” previously recorded by Ray Charles and Ben E. King, Ryder sings with enough passion and conviction to make them her own. She delivers a stunning rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Sisters of Mercy” and a scorching version of “This Wheel’s on Fire,” which Bob Dylan co-wrote with The Band’s Rick Danko. Continue reading ‘Serena Ryder’

Haitras in profile: Mind-bender


Hatiras clearly loves to DJ. I would say he’s definitely one of the planet’s top electronic music DJs & producers. He’s produced loads of mind-bending and butt-wiggling music — over 100 releases! He’s won two Juno Awards, a Socan Award for most radio play in Canada and multiple nominations. He owns and operates two record labels (Hatrax and Blow Media ). This man has sold over half million records worldwide. Continue reading ‘Haitras in profile: Mind-bender’