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Russell Porter interviews Canadian artist Cadence Weapon

In this video made for Boing Boing tv, Russell Porter (Porter Report) interviews Canadian rap / IDM / hiphop / house / genre-bending artist Cadence Weapon, aka Rollie Pemberton. Cadence Weapon originally hails from Edmonton, Alberta.

Cadence Weapon, who is 22 years old, is touring Europe and US throughout the summer. Dates are listed — where else? — on his MySpace, along with various blinky things. His newest record Afterparty Babies was just released on Epitaph, and is, as the kids say, fierce.

Interview with Mia Sheard: What does Canada want from musicians?

While I was in Toronto for NXNE, I got the chance to sit down with Toronto’s singer/songwriter Mia Sheard to talk about NXNE as well as what opportunities there are for Canadian musicians. We also touch on what Canada and the world expect from musicians.

Mia Sheard, as you may recall, is a talent to be reckoned with! If you don’t quite remember the profile of Mia Sheard that was featured on TransCanadaRadio, go ahead back and check it out.  Then be sure to come back and check out the exclusive interview!

Interview With Mia Sheard, Part One

Interview With Mia Sheard, Part Two

NXNE Interview: Panos Panay – Founder and CEO of Sonicbids

While at NXNE, I managed to steal away some time from Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sonicbids, Panos Panay, for an interview.

Sonicbids is a web site that helps bands get gigs, and promoters book the right bands. Their community includes over 150,000 bands, singers, songwriters, and performers of all kinds, and 14,000-plus music buyers of all kinds, including promoters, licensors, festival programmers, and much more. Bands go there for gigs; promoters go there for bands. They have lots of both!

Panos’s childhood dream of being alternatively the next George Best or the next George Benson came to an end when each canceled the other out. The idea for Sonicbids came to him while reading the book “Blur” and decided to go for it in September of 2000. Before that, he worked on the “dark side” of the business as an international talent agent. Panos hails from Cyprus and is a self-described “voracious” reader, usually traveling with more magazines than clothes (that’s a LOT). He graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1994 with a degree in Music Business. In 2005 Panos was named as one of Fast Company Magazine’s “Fast 50″ entrepreneurs and is currently serving as co-chairman of CREATE Boston, an initiative launched by the Mayor of Boston to bolster the creative economy in the city. He is a diehard supporter of English football club Arsenal and by last count he owns over 25 jerseys of “The Gunners” dating back to 1983. He loves his coffee extra strong and blames Elvis for his lifelong fascination with America.

Check out part one of my interview with Sonicbids‘ Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Panos Panay, where we talk about what Sonicbids does and why artists should be all over it like glue.

What Is Sonicbids? An Interview With Panos Panay

Dan Mangan, Mercury Lounge Ottawa

Tuesday June 10th was Dan Mangan’s second time around at the Mercury Lounge last Tuesday. For the Merc to be close to capacity on a Tuesday night, this show had to be more “than your average going out to encourage a friend and his band” performance.

Said the Whale warmed up the crowd and then it was time for Dan. Joined by friends John Walsh on stand up bass and Andrew McCormack on drums, playing songs from the album “ postcards and daydreaming. They gave me the chills more than once. Dan’s voice is like a beautiful black hole that you just want to fall a sleep in with a smile and dream about his songs. He had the hole crown smiling.

My musical background is mostly electronic but when the music is good I can recognize it. He has such a simplistic approach to music. All he needs is himself and a guitar to deliver beautiful music. Check out this interview and live performance to see for yourself.

He will be playing more shows this summer, so here are some dates and other artists that he will be performing with.

14 Jun 2008 22:00 Savannah Room (NXNE) Toronto, Ontario
25 Jun 2008 20:00 Vancouver Jazz Festival @ The Media Club Vancouver, British Columbia
30 Jul 2008 19:00 The Living Room NYC, New York

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Mathieu Coates

James Richfield: Interview – Ambitions of a homegrown talent

In the Greater Toronto Area, rappers are a dime a dozen, but artists are one of a kind. James Richfield, is exactly that. One of a kind. Struggle, perseverance, ambition, and inspiration are no stranger to James. Growing up, James was very much into Much Music and Electric Circus often dancing and singing along with his favorite artists such as Billy Idol, Iggy Pop, Billy Joel, Van Halen, Kiss, and much more. Although many children show signs of what they’re meant to be from and an early age, James took his time really settling into music.

I recently got in touch with the man himself and we discussed his music and what it’s like to work towards becoming a musician in Canada. Continue reading ‘James Richfield: Interview – Ambitions of a homegrown talent’