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Morgan Geist – the kids say I'm popular

A Jersey boy with his heart firmly planted in Detroit, Morgan Geist is a techno-head raised on everything from the sound of 80s synth-slingers Devo and New Order, to the resounding boom of hip hop, the improvisational ease of jazz, and, oddly enough, 60s Hindi film soundtracks. It’s this voracious musical viagra best buy appetite that’s convinced the likes of Hugh Masekela, Telex, Erlend Oye and viagra generic The Rapture to tap him for remixes. Launching his own label, Environ, Geist has released a string of albums that flirt with disco, techno, soul and all flavors in between. His latest, Double Night Time, is no exception, featuring the rapturous “Detroit.”

Keys N Krates re-invented the remix

Simultaneously representing the raw soul of live instrumentation, manipulation of turntablism and the progressive purchase viagra in canada technology of viagra for women Electronic Music, Keys N Krates are officially here to bridge the gap. Previously having toured the globe on individual musical conquests Dj Jr. Flo, Matisse and Adam Tune formed Keys N Krates to collectively reinterpret and breathe new life into music.

Expressing his artistry through a set of turntables and recognized with innumerable accolades and a dedicated following, Jr. Flo brings the band a dynamic energy and style that only a certified turntablist and partyrocker DJ could provide. With the ability to create surreal soundscapes and innovative melodies, Matisse brings an unmatched element of soul to the group.

The “Live Remix” artists are something to be both seen and heard.

Check out their amazing live remixes:

KEYS N KRATES – ALL NIGHT LONG (Lionel Richie Live Remix)


KEYS N KRATES – CITY OF AWARDS (A Tribe Called Quest Reinterpretation)

Banging Friday anthems in Ottawa by Jaxpratt

Jaxpratt, aka DJ Jeff LaPratt, plays a great set on pure party anthems at the Mercury Lounge on Friday nights. This month is looking a little sparse with Jaxpratt viagra without prescriptions at the Merc, but only because it’s the holidays and Friday nights are healthcare of canada pharmacy being ate by other performances. Jaxpratt has made a name for himself all over the St Laurent region playing electronic hits and mixing his own unique selection of beats. If you’re in Ottawa on a Friday night, check him out at the Mercury Lounge.

DJ Sneak @ Turning Stone (Verna NY) Oct 17

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DJ Sneak is making good time these days with dozens of concert dates set up!

Be sure to check him out at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino at Verna, New York.

Check out DJ Sneak’s upcoming concert listings

King Sunshine takes dance music off vinyl and brings it to live stage


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King Sunshine illuminates disco roots and drop inflections of funk and dance rhythms, reinventing house music and driving the whole fusion over the red line. Imagine nine musicians transformed into one live DJ.

More on King Sunshine’s raw, explosive energy and seamless music sets.

Moonstarr @ Future Classic Radio (Montreal) Oct 12 & 26

Moonstarr performing his track `Detriot` live in Strasbourg / Faces Records residency

Moonstarr is indeed one busy cat. If he’s not busy on the phone holding things down on the biz side for his label Public Transit Recordings, the man’s hunkered down behind closed doors over his synths, drum machines, and samplers to bang out some killer beats.

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He’s got a brand new album out, in fact, entitled Instrumentals Forever – a 12 tracks, 5 interludes album with appearances from Fineprint, Lotus Jai Nitai, LAL, Sarah Linhares. Styles are from the classic Moonstarr era. Expect dirty breaks, butter loops, broken technessss etc…

Catch him at one of the following shows or stay tuned to TCR for future concert listings.

12 Oct 2008 13:00 FUTURE CLASSIC RADIO Montreal, Quebec
26 Oct 2008 20:00 FUTURE CLASSIC RADIO Montreal, Quebec

TIMEKODE @ The Eri Café Pan-African Social Club (Ottawa) Sept 26

Rival Schools 2 break battles at TIMEKODE in Ottawa, CANADA, featuring some of the best bboys and bgirls in town. Ottawa University, Carleton University and Algonquin College were competing.

Sure, it’s an old video – but I never get sick of watching it! Go on. Press play to see why.

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If you haven’t been to a TIMEKODE party, get there now! (And while you’re at it, check out Timekode’s profile on TCR here.)

26 Sep 2008 20:00 The Eri Café Pan-African Social Club Ottawa, Ontario

BoyScout Killers @ Mercury Lounge (Ottawa) Sept 30

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The BoyScout Killers are an Ottawa band that I have a very hard time describing. They’re weird. Good weird… great weird – but so weird. They describe themselves accurately as IDM/Experimental/Psychedelic. Really, you have to see/hear them to really understand. They’re so much fun and unlike a lot of bands these days, they’re truly one of a kind.

They’re playing at the Mercury Lounge here in Ottawa on September 30th. And they put on an awesome show. Yes, that’s a big hint.

Moonstarr: One Busy Cat

Moonstarr is indeed one busy cat. If he’s not busy on the phone holding things down on the biz side for his label Public Transit Recordings, the man’s hunkered down behind closed doors over his synths, drum machines, and samplers to bang out some killer beats. Moonstarr cites such diverse influences as 4 Hero, DJ Premier, and Underground Resistance. Everything he touches carries imprints of deep techno, jazz, hip hop, bossa, and broken beat, resulting in tracks that step far into the future. And it’s not like people haven’t noticed. Ever since Moon’s dropped the now-classic Dupont EP, he’s received love for his work the world over.

Continue reading ‘Moonstarr: One Busy Cat’

Vivie-Ann in profile: Former prom queen, present bump in the night

Like any respectable DJ worth their weight in vinyl, Vivie-Ann really knows how to work a room. Along with the taste-making mixes she drops nightly on dance floors across the world, the 23-year-old Montreal DJ carries a reputation for orchestrating a spectacular fusion of mischief, music and mayhem. Glitter pranks, moustache parties and bananas that double as phone devices. Even pepperoni pizzas perfectly matched on turntables. Nothing is sacred – except the music. Although she hides her seriousness about the industry fairly well, the girl gets down behind the booth and more recently in the studio.

More on Vivie-Ann including upcoming concert dates