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The Very Best of NXNE: The Photos

NXNE Crazy Hockey Dude

As we wrap up our NXNE coverage, we wanted to give you one last chance to grasp a taste of what it was like to be in Toronto for one sweaty week of music. Check out the best images we took of NXNE (ignore the poor composition and low resolution; we’re very DIY).

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Layah Jane in profile: A resonance all her own

Singer-songwriter Layah Jane is a hearty young musician with a mission. With soulful vocals and a poetic, articulate tongue, Layah’s sound recalls Joni Mitchell, Rickie Lee Jones and Ani Difranco, with a resonance all her own.
Continue reading ‘Layah Jane in profile: A resonance all her own’

Dione Taylor

With her sparkling sophomore release, I Love Being Here With You, songstress Dione Taylor has emerged as a fully-formed and exciting young artist. While unmistakably a jazz album, I Love Being Here With You reflects Dione Taylor’s love and background in gospel, rhythm & blues and soul. Her rich and smoky voice has a truly soulful quality, one attractively complemented by her keenly trained musical ear. Continue reading ‘Dione Taylor’

Haitras in profile: Mind-bender


Hatiras clearly loves to DJ. I would say he’s definitely one of the planet’s top electronic music DJs & producers. He’s produced loads of mind-bending and butt-wiggling music — over 100 releases! He’s won two Juno Awards, a Socan Award for most radio play in Canada and multiple nominations. He owns and operates two record labels (Hatrax and Blow Media ). This man has sold over half million records worldwide. Continue reading ‘Haitras in profile: Mind-bender’

Kellylee Evans in profile: Fight or Flight?

2007 Juno and Gemini Award nominated singer-songwriter Kellylee Evans is a unique voice in the urban-jazz world, and many of today’s top musicians have taken notice. With a smooth style that slides through jazz, soul, R & B, blues and world music rhythms, Kellylee’s calming sound speaks volumes; Rich, soothing, robust and energizing, and with a songwriting talent being compared to Elvis Costello, Aimee Mann and Ron Sexsmith, this eclectic artist ignites inspiration. Continue reading ‘Kellylee Evans in profile: Fight or Flight?’