Help promote youth music with Outside The Box

If you’re still unaware, Sway, an upcoming media figure and musician from Toronto, launched a youth music program called Outside The Box to encourage and canada viagra for sale facilitate free music lessons for underprivileged children in Toronto aged 7-13 in response to cuts in buy generic viagra arts funding. The program has been highly successful and it is the aim of everyone involved to make it a national campaign by 2010.

The first season of classes is about to end and there will be a wrap party with a media presence on Saturday 13-December. It’d be awesome if you could help promote this event and the wonderful program. You are also, of course, invited to attend and support the event.

Join the FaceBook group here.

Full details:
Masaryk-Cowan Community Centre
220 Cowan Avenue
Toronto, ON
M6H 3Y1
*All activities and recording will take place on the 2nd floor.

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