Monthly Archive for December, 2008

Ottawa singer Kathleen Edwards plays for troops in Afghanistan

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Kathleen Edwards played for the troops in Afghanistan recently. “Troops on the base enjoyed a festive celebration and in addition to receiving treats from the man in the red suit, they were entertained by Canadian comedian Mike Macdonald and Ottawa singer Kathleen Edwards.” Whoa. That girl must have balls the size of China to go down there. I guess she was well protected though. Much respect to her. buying viagra from canada Don’t forget the following generic prescription viagra shows and venues:

New Jojoflores mixes available for free to download

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These mixes were sent out to the Jojoflores fan page on FaceBook. If you missed out, here are the download links:

Therapy 45

Montreal Deep 41

Ring Tones

Don’t forget these canadian discount viagra online dates:

Wed. Dec. 31 Sundae NYE (Philadelphia)
Fri. Jan. 2 Therapy at Cielo (New York)
Sat. Jan. 3 viagra and female Gotsoul Sessions NIkki Beach (Miami) 3PM-7PM
Sun. Jan. 4 Black Sheep (Miami)
Fri. Jan 9 BPM Festival (Playa, Mexico) TBC
Fri. Jan. 23 Glow (Athens)
Every Thursday at Vauvert (Old Montreal)

TransCanadaRadio is back from the holidays

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We’re back from an extended holiday vacation. I hope your holidays were as good as mine. I was in upstate New York with family. Lots of booze, food and good times. Thanks for reading and stay tuned because we have a discount cialis without prescription myriad of great bands and events to tell you about. Oh and if you’re wondering, the above pic is from LNP and it’s just how I wish my holidays went.

Marco DiFelice is all grown up and is now Marco Solo

You might remember generic levitra without prescription Marco DiFelice as the leadsinger of canuck indie juggernauts superGARAGE. But with the release of Sun That Somewhat Sets, DiFelice has dropped the growling guitars generic viagra without prescription and pop sweetness of his old gig in favor of contemplative folk music. Real gorgeous stuff that gets by on subtlety, texture and pure emotion. Meet Marco Solo (get it?), a streamlined, grown-up DiFelice, crafting full-bodied suites of sound from his guitar and anything else lying around. The video for lead single “Your Ghost” reflects Marco’s introspective aesthetic with dark, pencil drawn animation. It kind of creeps us out. But, you know, in a good way.

Empire ISIS to release "Brand New Style" LP

Empire ISIS, Canada’s breakout international phenomenon is bringing a “Brand New Style” indian pharmacy on order levitra canada Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 as she releases her sophomore album since 2007’s critically acclaimed demo LP “Sound The Trumpets”. Empire ISIS aka Empress Gangstress brings a new meaning to word “World Music” by breaking down the musical barriers and fusing hip hop and reggae into a pop format on her second LP “Brand New Style”. ISIS has stayed true to her roots and movement while gaining international recognition on her DIY approach. The album should be a hit so be prepared for some Canadian jams.

Biz Markie to play Babylon, Ottawa Dec 20

Biz Markie is coming to Ottawa soon and will be playing Babylon on Saturday, December 20th. Twenty years after the man born Marcel Hall’s absurdly catchy hip-hop/R&B hybrid Just a Friend conquered the airwaves, it seems Biz Markie is only now set to make his first appearance in Capital City.

“My focus is on viagra pills DJing right now,” Biz reports. “I already did the beatboxing. I did the rap. That was in my younger days.”

This is going to be a great show so if you’re in Ottawa I suggest checking it out. Show starts at 10pm. See you at Babylon!

Joni NehRita interview and footage by The Record

Joni NehRita is a songwriter in the truest sense of the word. Every song is its own entity but she also has the ability to float from classic R&B to reggae, pop, and jazz. NehRita’s fans boast that her music is “smooth, infectious, lush, and inspiring” and that she has “the voice of an angel”. Having a live rhythm section on her album gives her songs an earthiness and vibrancy that’s often lost on R&B/urban records today. where can i buy viagra Lyrically, Joni reflects on matters of the heart and challenges us to live more spiritually. If you missed her performance at Maxwell’s in buy viagra com Ottawa, Philip Bast from The Record was there to capture some live footage and chat with Joni for a few minutes. Watch it here!

The Great Bloomers are not a giant pair of British underwear

Toronto quintet The Great Bloomers specialize in galloping roots, deliciously sloppy indie rock, and spindly guitar-led noise viagra tablet weight nuggets that pack as much potency in three minutes as neatly-composed pop records do in 40. Formed only a few short years ago, the Great Bloomers have quickly transformed into one of Toronto’s most inspiring young bands. Their ascent can be chalked up to, among many other things, the strength of last year’s compact debut EP. Both reminiscent of 90s giants past, and slacker rock icons to come, tracks like the sprawling, triumphal “Catching Up” cobble together harmonica, swathes of noise, and awesomely atonal Malkmus noodlery to create deeply affecting, timeless indie rock.

Hey Ocean show Canada's great young talent

Hey Ocean aren’t interested in doing buy viagra overnight delivery things anyone’s way but their own. From formulating the unique brand of pop that bolsters their sophomore release, It’s Easier to Be Somebody Else, to releasing the record on their self-owned label, Pop Machine, these up-and-coming Canadians are blazing a trail of their own buy cheapest viagra and wowing the music world in the process. Melding the quirky melodies of Asleigh Ball and David Beckingham with the wildly energetic bass of David Vertesi and the groove-obsessed drumming of Daniel Klenner, Hey Ocean’s brand of post-modern pop bristles with distinctive life and energy.

Morgan Geist – the kids say I'm popular

A Jersey boy with his heart firmly planted in Detroit, Morgan Geist is a techno-head raised on everything from the sound of 80s synth-slingers Devo and New Order, to the resounding boom of hip hop, the improvisational ease of jazz, and, oddly enough, 60s Hindi film soundtracks. It’s this voracious musical viagra best buy appetite that’s convinced the likes of Hugh Masekela, Telex, Erlend Oye and viagra generic The Rapture to tap him for remixes. Launching his own label, Environ, Geist has released a string of albums that flirt with disco, techno, soul and all flavors in between. His latest, Double Night Time, is no exception, featuring the rapturous “Detroit.”