TCR EXCLUSIVE: Crystal Castles new video – Vanished


[Editor's Note: We're sorry but we had to take the video down. It is now only available for a limited time at]

Our good friend Pinky who does generic viagra soft tabs TV Carnage, directed the new Crystal Castles video for the track “Vanished”. Here is what he had to say about it:

Presenting the debut of the Crystal Castles video for VANISHED directed by PINKY of TV CARNAGE along with the loving involvement of Sir Vernon Chatman. Crystal Castles asked to have a video done without them appearing in it, so we discussed creating something that would involve eerie stupidity that warmed the soul and could possibly be turned into a sitcom or BET comedy special. We arrived at this. A video meticulously rammed together in the last week of May 2008 (including awesome choreography by Megan Kain) and shot at Union Pool in Brooklyn, NY.

The video has won some sort of thing in Berlin and is apparently sluttishly embraced by the Europeans.
God bless their cotton socks.

Special thanks to Ari Fishman of Petite Monster who is the only maniac who can produce this sort of thing at a moments notice.

P.S. I am also taking this opportunity to announce my candidacy for Chris Tartarro’s love. He sat in my crack den of an apartment for 2 days with a laptop atop his lap, helping me edit this thing.