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Bonjay in profile: No more bubblegum R&B

Alanna Stuart’s parents immigrated to Canada as part of the country’s Caribbean influx of the 1970s. When Stuart was a toddler, her Grenadian mother and Jamaican father threw parties that swelled to the early morning with plenty of music, food, liquor, and language from the many isles of the West Indies. “I actually have a picture of me in just a diaper and you can see people’s legs hanging off the couch, a bottle of brandy, and my mom serving breakfast,” Stuart recalls. “It was a time when all the islands mixed. It was this cool, warm vibe where partying was about getting together, meeting different people, and a sense of community.” Continue reading ‘Bonjay in profile: No more bubblegum R&B’

Haitras in profile: Mind-bender


Hatiras clearly loves to DJ. I would say he’s definitely one of the planet’s top electronic music DJs & producers. He’s produced loads of mind-bending and butt-wiggling music — over 100 releases! He’s won two Juno Awards, a Socan Award for most radio play in Canada and multiple nominations. He owns and operates two record labels (Hatrax and Blow Media ). This man has sold over half million records worldwide. Continue reading ‘Haitras in profile: Mind-bender’

Jonny White in profile: Nothin’ else to do

Jonny White’s production can be described as deep, organic minimal/techno filled with strange & unique strings, synths and sounds, slick fluid percussion and unmistakable dark emotion. Behind the decks Jonny is able to flow seamlessly from one sound to the next.. from deep sexy & minimal to explosive edgy tech putting as much emphasis on mixing as he does programming. This is more than apparent in a series of mixes White has released in 2006/2007 continually setting the standard for minimal dj sets. Continue reading ‘Jonny White in profile: Nothin’ else to do’

Jason Hodges in profile: House Music Pioneer

Hard-hitting beats with deep grooves became the signature sound for Hodges whether in the studio, on the dance floors; from local Toronto gigs, to the surrounding towns around Ontario and across Canada, Jason Hodges was growing and coming into his own.

Jason began releasing records with various Toronto labels getting his feet wet remixing and co-producing tracks with some of Canada’s talents. After many years of training and development, Hodges returned to the scene with a new energy and a new plan. Continue reading ‘Jason Hodges in profile: House Music Pioneer’

TransCanada Radio Podcast: Episode 1


That’s right, soon TCR will have our very own podcast! Now, I know you follow us on a daily basis, eagerly anticipating our next post, but now you can look forward to downloading and listening to us! We’ll be doing a range of things from interviews with up-and-coming Canadian artists to the latest news and reviews!
Excited? I know I am!

Here’s a sneak preview, for your listening pleasure!

Laughro - Lokl Yoklz (aka Trevor Walker and Lance Baptiste)
Rok It Rite – Rise Ashen and Trevor Walker
Don’t Lie – Rise Ashen feat. Maya Ethier

Max Graham in profile: Owner of a Lonely Heart

Max Graham

Max Graham is a house music producer and remixer from Canada. He was born in the United Kingdom and lived in Spain and the USA before settling in Canada in 1989. In 1994 Max discovered house music, which soon led to his contribution to the Canadian dance music scene. He started his professional production career in 2000, having played house music for ten years previously in Ottawa, Canada at the well-known Atomic night club. His first two releases, “Airtight” and “Tell You” helped him become well-known around the world, and led to him being asked to mix the popular Transport series in 2001. A world tour followed, which furthered his popularity across the globe. Continue reading ‘Max Graham in profile: Owner of a Lonely Heart’

Luke Fair in profile: Essential


At the forefront of Canada’s growing dance scene is Luke Fair. He’s performed at some of the most prestigious venues and events in the world, offering club goers a taste of his funky/techy eclectic house sound each and every weekend. His sets include everything from groovy house and techno to funky progressive and electro. Constantly re-editing tracks to customize his sets, Luke’s ongoing desire to make every set stand out from the others is very evident.

Over the past few years, Luke has garnered attention for his extremely diverse and genre-crossing studio efforts. From dubbed-out house to melodic progressive, his tracks have been played by DJs from all across the dance music spectrum. Everyone from Sasha to David Morales and The Plump DJs, all have included Luke’s production in their sets, and global DJ icon Pete Tong has featured numerous Luke Fair productions on his world famous BBC Radio 1 ‘Essential Selection’ show.

On a personal note, Luke Fair also has one of the coolest websites I’ve seen in a while — cool design, awesome tunes. Be sure to check it out!

Luke Fair is also one of many Canadian artists that attended this year’s Winter Music Conference.

Rainer Trüby in profile: Not just about making obscure German music awesome anymore!

Rainer Trüby is a man who appreciates the finer things in life. And I’m not talking prima donna DJ behaviour here either. This is proved by the fact that despite being awarded ‘Best DJ’ in his native Germany, and named by Gilles Peterson as one of his favourite DJs, when I meet him he’s in Bristol to play a tiny and packed venue of 150 people. He’s also Compost Recordsworld travelling A+R man, one third of the Truby Trio (in cahoots with Fauna Flash), and curator of the wonderful ‘Glucklich’ compilations. Starting in 1994 Rainer’s ‘Glucklich’ series of compilations have become a must have for all those seeking links between the old and new of Brazilian influenced sounds, and the selections have moved with Rainer’s own taste. Continue reading ‘Rainer Trüby in profile: Not just about making obscure German music awesome anymore!’

Bombay Records in profile: Rich in organic grooves


Bombay Records is the latest visionary label to emerge from Montreal, a city that is seemingly soaked in up-and-coming talent. In a relatively short space of time, Bombay has established itself as one of the premier labels on the world house circuit with timeless releases from the likes of Miguel Graca , Derrick Carter and Chris Nazuka , and Roy Davis Jr. Bombay is using these much-lauded single releases as a platform for the production of a mix CD series, put together in conjunction with the legendary Montreal-based venue Stereo. The first DJ to grace this series is the man who custom-designed the sound system at Stereo, Angel Moraes. Bombay also has plans to release mix CDs from the likes of Hector Romero and Mr. Gabrielle himself – Roy Davis Jr. The label also has a healthy artist-development plan in progress for Miguel Graca, as you will see with the video for “Speak My Mind.”

While the label saw its star rise, the CD industry as a whole, and electronic dance in particular, have taken a beating. Patrick Dream (co-founder with Nav Bhinder) may be older and wiser, but looking back over the stacks of Bombay wax, a spread of high-quality, richly organic grooves, he’s hard-pressed for regrets.



The origin of Timekode is in the bytes that began travelling through samplers and drum machines in the early eighties. MIDI timecode is the data that keeps sample loops, filtered basslines and drum hits moving in unison – it’s the glue that holds together a culture based on pulling together bits of the past to make the sounds of the future. Continue reading ‘TIMEKODE’