John Kong: Required Listening

Toronto. Ontario. Canada. The streets are alive with the sound of music. Ditto the clubs, lounges, restaurants, community radio stations, waBeat guru John Kongrehouses, and studio spaces. This city is bursting at the seams, mad with talented producers, musicians and DJ’s creating fresh sounds. There’s a reason for the increasing international buzz surrounding this bustling city: a music scene is truly coming into its own. Toronto based beats guru John Kong has been pushing at these bursting seams with his bare hands for years. He’s grown with the scene, DJing since the early 90’s and turning his love of jazz, soul, house and all things deep into a career that now earns him global gigs and respect. John Kong cares about music, not categories.
Witness Required Listening. Born from Kong’s desire to showcase some of the quality tunes he was hearing friends make, the collection is a snapshot of T.O.’s club-centric music scene as it stands now. John has ears to be trusted. Required Listening features all Toronto artists (with the notable exception of Ottawa’s B.A.W. Collective), and covers some seriously diverse musical terrain.
“Listen to the beats of Moonstarr or the hip-hop of Brassmunk“, exclaims John Kong, Do Right Music label boss. “They’re totally doing their own thing!

It’s the same with house and someone like Nick Holder … he has a totally unique sound. We here in Toronto may take all of that for granted, but when people from overseas hear this music, they’re like ‘This is different; it’s not what I’m used to.’ It’s totally Toronto.”

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